It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest and whatever health blogs you follow (hey, that’s me). What the heck is bone broth and why is it “supposedly” so healthy?

Bone broth is made out of boiled bones and whatever else you want to add to it (you can make it yourself or buy it a ridiculously high price). You get the health benefits from the bones, marrow, and connective tissue from bone broth that you wouldn’t normally get from eating meat or chewing on bones. Think of it as a stew, but without the chunks of veggies or meats and it’s boiled for much longer. That’s pretty much it.

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Bone broth contains high levels of gelatin/collagen, which otherwise you can buy in a powdered form (easier, but hella expensive and not as good). So, what is bone broth good for? Here are a few things:

  1. Connective Tissues (joints, muscles, ligaments)

If you had a tendon injury (like I did), a muscle injury, or you just want to strengthen your body, try drinking bone broth. The collagen from the joints, marrow, and all other aspects of the boiled bone will help heal your own. I say over and over again that “you are what you eat” is a totally valid cliché and I mean it with this as well. Another way to help your joints? Chew on the joints of bones you eat. Yup, it might feel gross at first, but it’s totally worth it.
2. Digestion!
Bone broth has the power to heal your gut if you have any kind of digestive issues or intolerances. If you are drinking it for this reason, drink it hot, like in a tea. Hot liquids bring more blood to your digestive system, helping aid in inflammation and overall healing.
3. Hair, skin, and nails
Do you have skin issues? Is your hair falling out? Are your nails brittle? Bone broth will speed up the healing process. I don’t know why – if it’s because of the collagen? It’s no joke though.
4. Better mood
Once your gut is happy, you’re happy. Plus, good fats are good for your brain.
5. Bone health (of course) and whiter teeth
YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and also, your teeth will become a few shades lighter. Think I’m kidding? Try it.

How to make bone broth:

  • organic bones from any animal, cooked or raw (enough to fill at least half a pot, but it really doesn’t matter)
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • large pot with cover
  • water
  • any herbs, spices, and veggies (optional)


  1. Place organic bones in pot and cover with water.
  2. Add 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and let set for 15 minutes.
  3. Boil for 8 hours.
  4. Strain.

Seriously, that’s it. You can save extra bones you have from wing night or Thanksgiving or whatever and freeze them until you have time/enough bones to make some bone broth. You can freeze the bone broth you make. You can make a little at a time every week, like my friend Jasmine, or you can make a batch once a month like I do. Do whatever works best for you.

How do I drink/use bone broth?
You can use bone broth in soups or stews replacing regular chicken broth. Many people heat it up and drink it as a tea, but I like to add it as a liquid base to my morning smoothies. It gives me energy in the morning and enough fat to properly digest my supplements. Do whatever you want and try out different options!
After drinking bone broth every day for about three months, here is what happened to my body:

    • glowing, brighter complexion
    • new hair growth
    • whiter teeth (like, 3 shades whiter)
    • stronger nails
    • less joint pain (from MI)
    • hydrated skin

Do you drink bone broth? Do you like it? Do you think it’s all a bunch of crap? Discuss in the comments below.
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