The BEST Natural Remedy for Athlete’s Foot

“This isn’t working,” my dad said, as he re-applied the creme he bought at some random drug store to his foot.

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Update on the Bees!

I checked my hives actually the day after I wrote the post about my bees possibly being dead.

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Can We Please Stop Eating Activated Charcoal Because It ‘Looks Cool?’

Activated charcoal is a supplement. It’s been used for centuries to relieve poisoning symptoms, to absorb anything and everything that may be causing stomach upset.

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This Is My ESA Story.

For the past 13 years of my life, I’ve had an emotional support animal even though she wasn’t ever registered. Her name was Lemon, she was a cockatiel, and she saved me from killing myself when I was a teenager.

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The Rise of Wednesday Movie Night

Have you ever felt bored, depressed, and lonely all at the same time? Do you miss weird school dances, college parties, even exams? I know what you’re missing…

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Me Too: An Alternate Perspective

What if you were/are an abuser? What if you have committed sexual assault?

One time I questioned that myself when I was hooking up with a dude in Los Angeles. We were making out on his bed and we were getting pretty intimate. He was very religious and I wasn’t thinking when I moved my hand towards his crotch. It felt like the natural progression of things to me, but not to him. He then stiffened and turned away from me. A simple action that had happened to me a bunch of times with others, many times without my own consent, was one that I might had just performed without his consent.

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Q&A with Chronic Badass CeCe Collins: Part 4

Enter CeCe Collins, one of the strongest and most intelligent people I know. CeCe lives with multiple chronic illnesses including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Sjogrens, and Dysautonomia. She does a lot of her own research to manage her illnesses. I met CeCe in a Spanish class in my first semester at Hendrix College and my first impression of her was thinking, “Why is she in this Spanish class? She definitely doesn’t need it,” while the rest of us struggled and I still firmly believe our professor hated me. I DIGRESS.

CeCe helped me through the mental struggles of diagnosing my own mystery illness when I lost the feeling in my arm. I knew she too had arm numbness and knowing she was a chronic illness superhero, I reached out to her only to have her give me all the weapons I needed for navigating through the medical field in my journey. I could write about CeCe forever, but read on to hear what she has to say about what she’s gone through and currently lives with on a day-to-day basis:

(This is a LONG, but VERY GOOD read that I’m breaking up into parts)

Read Part 1 here.

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