“This isn’t working,” my dad said, as he re-applied the creme he bought at some random drug store to his foot.

I’ve been cursed. My father gets frequent athlete’s foot and so do I. No matter what we do (washing feet daily, changing socks in the middle of the day, etc), we always seem to get athlete’s foot in the middle of winter if we’re working physically quite a bit.

Many times, for me, I get it from skiing multiple days in a row. Other times, it’s sweat generated from over-lined winter boots. My dad works in a large machine factory, so he’s constantly bending down and twisting around and doing stuff to make his feet sweat, eventually itch, eventually get blisters (bleh). Listen, I’m being open about this. It sucks.

Even when I am on top of my game changing socks and stuff, I simply cannot avoid getting athlete’s foot. I tried the medicated athlete’s foot creme. Although I am generally wary of medicated stuff now, it only works sometimes. It’s not strong enough or I use too much of the creme and run out super fast. Either way, not the best option.

I’ve tried garlic. DO NOT CRUSH GARLIC AND PUT IT ON YOUR FEET. DO NOT EVER DO THAT. I made that mistake, without using a carrier oil first (oh god) and then with (same result). It burns. Oh my God, it burns so much. It will create blisters if you don’t already have them. Just don’t do it.

Here’s the most effective treatment for athlete’s foot: coconut oil and oregano essential oil. The links are for the brands that I use. Here’s why it works: coconut oil acts as a carrier oil so that the oregano doesn’t hurt your skin and it spreads evenly. The oregano oil is anti-fungal (that’s athlete’s foot), anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. Like garlic, it’s a triple-threat!

It works super well, too. I gave some I had leftover to my dad (his is really bad right now) and he liked it so much, he asked me to make more! It’s the best cure-all mixture ever and I love it so much!

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