Start Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever looked at your medicine cabinet stocked with ibuprofen, expired dayquil, and some benadryl? Since changing your lifestyle, have you wondered what you could replace those items with? Here are some tips:

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BL: Bee Stings for Health

B E E • V E N O M

(It’s way more awesome than you think.)

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4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Bone Broth + How to Make It

It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest and whatever health blogs you follow (hey, that’s me). What the heck is bone broth and why is it “supposedly” so healthy?

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How to Live Without Advil: Alternative Pain Management

Since I nearly died, I haven’t been able to take ibuprofen. Taking the drug (or any NSAIDs/steroids) could bring back my illness, so I’ve needed to manage without it. I used to take ibuprofen like it was candy for headaches and period cramps. However, since changing my diet, I’ve had barely any headaches at all. Still, here’s a quick and dirty guide to living without ibuprofen (for all you junkies out there).

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The Mystery Illness: Part 2, Finding “The Cure”

I arrived at Boston Logan around 8 in the morning. The flight had been a red eye because it was the earliest I could get at such short notice out of Los Angeles. I couldn’t sleep at all even though I had spent a good 90% of the previous two weeks asleep in bed. I had my two cockatiels, Jazzy and Sunny, with me in a carrier underneath the seat in front of me. I didn’t even bring any snacks. I just had some Smart Water from the airport and some blue corn chips from JetBlue.

(Read Part 1 here) What helped me heal? Find out here.

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Magnesium! Magnesium! Magnesium!

What is one thing that every person in modern society has in common? A magnesium deficiency!!!! Cool, right? Not quite.

If you have a random headache, muscle pains that occur for no reason, muscle twitching or spasms, chronic fatigue, you may simply have a magnesium deficiency. Women, especially, become magnesium deficient during their periods. If you’ve wondered why nearly all women crave chocolate during their period or PMS, it’s because chocolate contains high levels of magnesium. Our cravings actually mean something! When you crave a certain food, it usually means your body needs a nutrient in that food, so listen to your body and give into your cravings!

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The Girl with the Ice Cream

I came home from a day filled with good and bad things.  I had a great time with friends, learned a lot from visiting museums, and even found a cool restaurant!  I saw a movie, argued with my brother, and had to deal with my mom trying to convince me to “work harder” to get back together with my boyfriend ex-boyfriend.  It still just doesn’t seem right.  It still feels like it never even happened (not the relationship, but the breaking up part).

Anyway, I got on my computer and started my nightly Internet perusal.  I got out some Pirate’s Booty and some crispy seaweed as snacks.  I got bored of those after awhile and switched to chocolate ice cream topped with peanut butter.  The sweet, chocolatey taste made my taste buds zing and it was exactly what I needed to end my day.

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