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Michelle has been figuring out how to live with Dysthymia and PTSD for 13 years. She holds a Dual-Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and Experimental Cinema from Binghamton University. Before that, she was Pre-Med and studied Psychology, but turned down an offer to attend med school for the opportunity to be self-employed as a content creator. She is currently working on a medical documentary about Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.

I Write When I’m Angry

These past few days have been interesting for me. I’ve run head-on into things that scare me: commitment to a …

Trapped on an Island

Hello, beautiful faithful readers. Today, I have some strange, late-night poetry for you. It was inspired by writer’s blocks, editor’s …

Amaretto: Free-verse

In November 2017, I wrote a piece regarding PTSD after getting floxed. The following is that piece, resurfaced:

No Poo for You!: Part 3

No Poo For You is an ongoing series about my journey to finding the best hair care for my hair …