I Am the Um-Actually Friend

You ever feel like you work so hard and you’re so tired that when you stop and relax, everything feels like a wave flowing through you and your vision gets a little blurry, everything starts to hurt? That’s me right now. Anyway, here goes:

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I’m Going to Morocco

On Sunday, I’m taking a plane to the great African country of Morocco to visit one of my very best friends. This will be my first time in Africa. Since it’s so close to Europe, does it really count as Africa? Yes, yes it does.

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The Holidays as The Seven Deadly Sins

Holiday Season kinda sucks for me now. It hasn’t really sucked in the past, but now that I’m working during holidays again and I’m still pretty alone, it’s hard to go through. It’s harder still for other people to go through, like my divorced coworker who seemed to be in a permanent horrible mood the entire time.

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How to Do More of What You Want and Less of What Everyone Else Wants

It was 2003 and I was in the middle of puberty, one of the most awkward times of a human life. I had my own deodorant, which I didn’t actually ever need, and applied it every day, staining all of the translucent white button-down shirts I owned for school. I was prepared for my period with a box of pads and tampons and I was already used to my aching nipples, which I would stare at in the bathroom mirror after showering every day, hoping my body would gift me with decent-sized boobs.

[hey all… no paragraphs today, no matter how much I mess with the HTML code. WordPress keeps erasing it]

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How to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Student loans are notorious for fucking up everyone’s life between the ages of 18 and 35. You’ve bought into some sick lie people told you and now you’re in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt while still making the same amount you were making at your dead-end job in high school and not having any health insurance.

Even if you do have a better-paying job with benefits, chances are student loans still sucks you down, so here’s what you can do.

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Overwintering the Bees

Winter is coming! It’s coming slowly, but nevertheless, it’s coming. One of my main goals with this beehive is to keep it alive through the winter. That means we need to prepare.

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Is Loneliness a Symptom of Depression or Circumstance?

Sometimes when you try to separate fact from the fiction inside your head, you can’t tell which is which.

Stream of consciousness rant below:

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