Since the big scare with Ciprodex, my grandparents have come to trust me, like my parents, as their primary care physician, asking me questions about things I don’t know about…. ugh.

My grandmother has been showing signs of dementia for about the past year, but recently, it’s become worse. My grandfather has become frustrated and likely frightened about her health. The tension is horrible. Lately, I’ve considered coming up with a way to help with her dementia. She’s been taking MCT oil, which is great, but I can’t imagine it’s that great if she’s not making ketones or taking exogenous ketones.

When she first showed me the MCT oil, I was annoyed because I told her that she could just by coconut oil for wayyyy less money. I was unaware that MCT oil has many more medium-chain triglycerides than regular coconut oil. It wouldn’t hurt for her to use some coconut oil in her cooking, either.

When it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle, it is so difficult to explain to people how it works, what new nutritional research is out there, and how exactly it may help to reverse your chronic condition. When The Wahls Protocol helped me heal from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, I was raving about it. This diet, these lifestyle choices, were shown to also help people with Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Cancer, and even Traumatic Brain Injury. I was ecstatic at the findings and with my own health, but when I told people with these conditions ‘the good news,’ they’re not as excited. They don’t want to do the work. They don’t understand why they can’t have butter, but they can have bacon. They don’t understand why they can’t eat dairy, but they can eat meat. I get it it’s confusing. That’s part of the reason I started this blog.

Well, I was searching a very informative natural health facebook group I’m a part of that’s run by well-known functional doctors to find anything on what can help dementia. I found the usual supplements that help depression and other mental disorders: Lion’s Mane mushroom, maca, coconut oil, vitamin D, B12, turmeric… and then I found a study on Huperzine A and it’s statistically significant results concluding that yes, most participants saw a positive effect. Huperzine A is a supplement that significantly improves brain function. I also found The Bredesen Protocol.
The End of Alzheimer’s, by Dr. Dale E. Bredesen, MD, includes research and a protocol similar to Wahls for dementia, specifically. Since The Wahls Protocol literally saved my life and I will never stop talking about it, I am thrilled to read The End of Alzheimer’s and learn more about the Bredesen Protocol. Like Dr. Wahls, Bredesen is a functional doctor and his work with dementia, like Wahls’ work with MS, uses statistically significant repeat trial studies to train other functional doctors in the Protocol. That means that if you see any functional certified doctor, they should be trained to help you through the nutrition and lifestyle changes you need in order to get better through this research…. and maybe reverse dementia. You can find a functional practitioner near you on the Institute for Functional Medicine website.

I’m excited to see what exactly this protocol is for reversing dementia and I can’t wait to share my findings with you all.

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