It's more like a medicine?

Activated charcoal is a supplement. It’s been used for centuries to relieve poisoning symptoms, to absorb anything and everything that may be causing stomach upset.

Lately, intagrammers and instagrammable restaurants have been making food dyed with activated charcoal. I’m sure you can imagine how that could impact your digestion, your health, etc., and it’s not great.
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According to Women’s Health, the detoxing effects of activated charcoal are so strong that they can make your birth control and other important medications (blood pressure, HIV, etc) ineffective! If you’re on any type of frequent medication, definitely do not consume anything colored with activated charcoal.
Not all black products contain activated charcoal. The alkaline fulvic mineral water, Blk Water, does not contain charcoal.
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Activated charcoal does have fantastic benefits. I personally use it to manage my IBS, if I’ve eaten anything strange accidentally. I’ll use it for indigestion, but very rarely. Charcoal is a great addition to your medicine cabinet, but only if used sparingly. Think of it as a medication because it is definitely not “just a food” and it isn’t completely safe to eat at random.
When you consume a detoxing supplement such as activated charcoal or bentonite clay, you’re allowing that supplement to absorb every nutrient digesting in your system and carrying it out of your body. According to MayoClinic, the average time it takes food to go from your mouth to the toilet is 40 hours.
That means by consuming activated charcoal, you’re getting rid of nutrients from approximately the last two days. If you’re suffering from food poisoning or your dog ate some weed chocolate, eat some black ice cream, but otherwise, it’s best to stay away…unless you have lactose intolerance. Then maybe this ice cream is for you!
Just kidding.

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