The significance of a stupid weekly movie night

Have you ever felt bored, depressed, and lonely all at the same time? Do you miss weird school dances, college parties, even exams? I know what you’re missing…

…and it’s not a movie night, specifically. That would be weird. No, your responsible adult job or whatever has taken over your life and nothing cool ever happens anymore…unless your job is really cool and doesn’t burn you out and takes their employees out for fun Christmas parties at rooftop bars. You can pretend those jobs don’t exist, but they do.
So what can you do to avoid the dreadful lull in your life, to take control of your week? Start your own event. I decided to make mine in the middle of the week, right as you’re looking forward to the weekend. If you’re looking forward to the weekend all week, you might as well pop in a low-key event on a Wednesday to look forward to. So for a movie night, you don’t have to leave the house, everyone gets together, you can eat, you can leave whenever you want and walk for a minute to your own bedroom, and best of all, everyone sits in silence for approximately two hours getting their minds off the day instead of sulking and complaining about how much they hate their lives. I also made it a game by making themed weeks and having people vote on each one! Yay, participation!
Everyone is invited to our movie nights as long as you vote beforehand and actually show up, but for guests, so far we’ve only had my brother’s girlfriend Kaylee and my mom’s cousin’s family who visited from France. For a family who is negative so much of the time because of whatever is going on (who can blame them – the whole world sucks right now), it’s nice to remove ourselves from that and give ourselves a break – from everything.
I’m not advocating to ignore all of your problems – no, please make active changes. My problem was that I was bored and unemployed for about three months and that no one was available to hang out during the week; when they got home from work, they were cranky and tired. Hence, the low-key movie night event.
I’m no longer unemployed, but I’m still cranky. Yet, everyone gets involved in Movie Night. This month, everything is Halloween themed. That’s great news for a family of horror buffs.
If your life is too boring and it’s driving you nuts, take that energy and do something positive with it. It may be a movie night once a week, a bowling night every month, maybe you can join a club of food reviewers and try out new restaurants once a month. Whatever you do, have it make sense, make it something you like, and bring everyone together. Adding an event may help fight depression. Boredom definitely does not.

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