Since I started my hair growing journey (actually taking care of my hair and putting effort into it), it has been somewhat of a wild ride. I am still washing it the way I have been, but I’ve changed a few things:

1 – I don’t brush my hair

I will probably find some chill detangler tool at some point, but for now, I have resorted to gently using my fingers and a spray detangler. I want to note that this isn’t the exact one I’m using, but it’s by the same brand. They no longer sell the exact product I’m using now, so I will probably use this one when I run out. Anyway, it’s annoying. I miss my ol’ bamboo brush.

2 – I’m taking supplements

I have done a bit of research on which supplements to take, most of them having to do with cell replication within the body. That said, I should be taking a folic acid supplement (it’s good for my Depression, too), but I haven’t gotten around to it. Here is a list of supplements I’m currently taking daily to help my hair grow:

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid (This is the brand I use because it was recommended by my doctor as the best stuff when I was sick. You can definitely get a lower quality one with similar results)
    • Cod Liver Oil (Omega-3 fish oil with CoQ10 – again, stuff I used that’s leftover from when I was sick. This is the highest quality omega-3 fish oil you can get. Any fish oil would give you the same results! Haha)

This is the first time I have tried a Life Extension product that wasn’t their magnesium. I am very pleased with this supplement. I feel like the pills are pretty big, especially since you’re supposed to take 3 tablets daily (probably one with every meal, but you don’t need to take them with food).
It contains: Niacin, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, VERISOL collagen peptides, Cynatine HNS (keratin), and Silicon (bamboo extract)

These are just the active ingredients, of course. I don’t believe the product is vegan considering all of the collagen and whatnot. However, I do feel like I don’t need to take any of that extra stuff if I just took this particular supplement. I don’t know! I’m all hands on deck with this stuff. I want my hair to GROW right now!

3 – I make hair masks

I want to make a separate post about this, so I don’t want to tell you guys what I’ve been putting in my hair yet, but I can say that I have been eating and applying sustainable red palm oil to my hair. It’s been interesting, but my very own hair-obsessed mom said my hair looked really nice and soft after it. Win!

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