I won't be there forever, probably.

On Sunday, I’m taking a plane to the great African country of Morocco to visit one of my very best friends. This will be my first time in Africa. Since it’s so close to Europe, does it really count as Africa? Yes, yes it does.

According to a quick google search, this is Morocco:
and this is Morocco:Kasbah_Ruins_Ait_Benhaddou_Morocco
This is Morocco, too:morocco-city
However, that’s like sharing photos of Niagara Falls, Denver, and the Grand Canyon while calling it The United States if I’m just going to Topeka, Kansas. I don’t know exactly where I’m going or what it will be like, but I probably won’t be rowing in a boat near some cool little bridge thing.

I’m going to Morocco primarily to visit my best friend who I’ve known for 8? 9? years who is serving in the Peace Corps! Since she’s there for 2.5 years, it would be kinda lame for me not to visit her, so before she left, we decided I would visit her in January or February of 2018 during her second year and save up money. This is when I began my flight-tracking adventure.

The flights started at $2500 round-trip and I was like “holy wow how will I ever sell my kidney to pay for this?” but then shortly afterwards the prices decreased to a more manageable $1600 until one day I got a random email I fished out of my spam that said prices had dropped to $700 and I was like OH MY JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH

So I took out my wallet, hit her up, and booked a round-trip flight for about $750 total including a fun 24hr layover in Lisbon, Portugal on my way back!

The Moroccan flag, according to Google

I’m pretty excited since it’s my first trip out of the country since I lived in Prague. It’s my first trip out of the country since I got sick, and it’s the first international flight I have ever paid for by myself. 🙂 That’s pretty cool.
I’m most excited to meet my friend’s host family, her students, and her friend from grad school who is also visiting at the same time!

So if you’re wondering where I am or why I’m not returning your calls or why I can’t hang out, I will be here:
See ya l8r g8r