BL: Bee Stings for Health

B E E • V E N O M

(It’s way more awesome than you think.)

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Bee Love: First Beekeeping Moments

My brother, mom, grandfather, and I teamed up to take care of a single hive for my first time ever keeping my own bees. My mother paid for the bees, grandfather agreed to mentor us, and my brother attended a beekeeping seminar where he ordered a nuc of Carniolan honeybees. My cousin Alex, his girlfriend Blaine, and I picked up our nucs of honeybees from the local hardware store in Late May. The nucs contained a box of 5 10″ frames with honey, the bees (of course), queen (of course), a blank frame, and some brood (I believe). Alex and Blaine ordered their 10-frame boxes off Etsy and they set up their hive in the window of the second story in their barn, in order to avoid any pests.

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How Taking Myself Too Seriously Ruined Me

Hey there!

I recently wrote a piece for a new website called “Twenties + Adulting” about my experiences working in the film industry as an unnecessarily pretentious perfectionist and how my perspective on life + happiness completely changed. If you’ve been keeping up with The Barefoot Aya, you know that many other experiences somewhat forcibly changed my perspective, which you can read about here. Below is an excerpt of the piece and a link to the full article. I will occasionally contribute to this new website and I’m very excited. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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Everything and Everyone

When you lose everything and everyone,

it’s hard to stay on the tracks

until you notice you were pretending

and didn’t have anything to begin with.

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For Those Who Made My Heart Turn Gold

This is for the terrible beautiful confused people who didn’t know how to tell me they were sorry when they ripped my heart into shreds. This is for the dog we found in my cousin’s backyard, fell in love with, and named Friday after the day we found him. This is for the man I gave my virginity to who proclaimed his love to me in six stanzas while I held tears back looking up at the stars on a porch swing to the scent of pecans. Continue reading

The Quarter-Life Crisis


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bleak and dreaded Mid-Life Crisis.  Legend says, once you hit your mid-forty’s to mid-fifty’s you start thinking about impending death, how half of your life is over, and how it’s all an uphill struggle from here.  Common symptoms include buying a toupee and/or a new car, a psychological sign that you’re either trying to make yourself feel better or you need to make up for the lost time you spent at a dead-end job or raising your high school drop out children.  I could talk all day about this, but I’ve never experienced it, and that’s not why I’m here.  I’m talking about the Quarter-Life Crisis.

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