BL: Bee Stings for Health

B E E β€’Β V E N O M

(It’s way more awesome than you think.)

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Recipe: Paleo Venison Heart Tacos

If you thought this was a typical blog, you were wrong. I’ve been eating venison (wild deer meat) since I was a baby and I continue to believe that it is the best meat out there (wild, deer are overpopulated, you know all of that is organic and free of hormones/antibiotics). As a paleo dieter for about a year and taco lover since tacos first landed in my mouth, I needed a paleo taco recipe. I had been cheating with soft corn taco shells (and continue to when the need strikes), but one day I decided to change all of that and make my own tortillas.

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5 Powerful Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

A lot of people have high blood pressure, especially in the United States. When blood pressure medication stops working or causes horrible side effects, there are alternatives. However, getting off your blood pressure medication and onto a healthier diet or supplement regimen requires the supervision of a reputable health professional and gradual change. That said, here are 5 foods that can help you lower your blood pressure without nasty side effects:

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