It gives you a little reminder every day that’s like, “Hey! It’s not a bad life, it’s just your Depression.”

I talk about my Depression a lot. I think it’s important because I didn’t know how common Depression was until I did start talking about it and then I found out that some of the happiest people I knew were depressed sometimes. My depression comes in waves, like most people, but it’s usually not as severe. Sometimes it seems like I’m depressed all the time.

So a few things that have helped me tremendously are following Dr. Wahls‘ Keto diet, taking folic acid supplements, and using this app called Daylio.


What is Daylio?

The Daylio app keeps tabs on your overall feelings during the day. A newer feature gives you the option to change your mood at different times of the day. There is a set daily reminder (mine is set to 8PM) to record your mood and the activities you did that day.

You can add your own, but the main ones are Work, Relax, Study, Family, Friends, etc. You can add whatever you want and there are a bunch of icons to choose from too. I have mine fully customized since using the app since March 2016 (2 whole years!).

As you can see here, I have video games, drinks, writing, skyping, museum, concert, etc in addition to the other ones. You can change the order of your activities too. To the right is my monthly mood chart for 2018 (You can see I started my new job recently, so I’ve been feeling pretty rad). Since I started using the app in 2016, it’s become much more customizable. Instead of labeling your best days as “rad,” you can call them “awesome” instead. You can make it whatever you want and you don’t have to use California slang. ūüėČ

The mood chart is probably one of my favorite features because you can search for activities throughout the chart. Here, I searched for when I hung out with “friends,” which to me could also be just talking to someone on the phone. Seems like it doesn’t affect my mood that much. I also track my period on the app, so I can see when I was on it and how it correlated to my mood that day (damn hormones!) You don’t have to use it for depression.

By tracking how each activity affects me (and if it’s something specific you can also add notes instead of making a new activity), I can see what changes I can make to better my life. For example, January 2017 was an overall bad time for a lot of people. I was having such a rough time with what was going on working a full-time job and a part-time job.

I noticed from my charts that I was particularly depressed/anxious/etc when I was working the part-time job. The job mostly entailed covering politics, so it makes sense that it would drive me nuts at that time. I made a very hard decision that day when I decided to quit my part-time job. After my 2 weeks notice was up, I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Oh my God yes. My mood immediately improved.

I highly suggest you guys check out this app. You can try it for free on the Google Play store¬†and Apple’s App Store.

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I am not affiliated with or endorsed by the Daylio app. This is an app I recommend all the time to people and I had been meaning to write about it for awhile. It’s done me a lot of good and I cannot recommend it enough.
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