10 Things That Helped Me Heal the Most Post-Flox

Here’s a hint: not supplements

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Apparently This Tree-Growing Mushroom Fights Cancer

I’ve known about Chaga for awhile and I’ve refused to buy it ever because I grew up and live amongst birch forests, where they grow. Chaga mushrooms are a parasitic mushroom from the Hymenochaetaceae family.

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The World Cries With Me: A Love For Rain

I’ve noticed people tend to hate weather. Whether it be the cold, the snow, the rain, the hail, or the lava creeping into their homes, it seems fairly popular to hate all weather. I’m not like that. I love the weather, maybe possibly too much.

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Pretty cool announcement!

Hey all,

As you may know from my Mystery Illness situation, I had a gnarly reaction to an antibiotic about a year ago.

Well, I have not only recovered, but I was a guest on Lisa Bloomquist’s podcast, Floxie Hope. You may listen here or here and I hope you all have a lovely day!


Photo Credit: http://n0tgreatgatsby.blogspot.com

How to Live Without Advil: Alternative Pain Management

Since I nearly died, I haven’t been able to take ibuprofen. Taking the drug (or any NSAIDs/steroids) could bring back my illness, so I’ve needed to manage without it. I used to take ibuprofen like it was candy for headaches and period cramps. However, since changing my diet, I’ve had barely any headaches at all. Still, here’s a quick and dirty guide to living without ibuprofen (for all you junkies out there).

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