10 Things That Helped Me Heal the Most Post-Flox

Here’s a hint: not supplements

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Fluoride Detox

Whether you have neurotoxicity, fluorosis (teeth stains from excessive fluoride), or you want to avoid these things, you can eliminate fluoride from your life (with difficulty). In case you do not have the means to rid your world of fluoride, unfortunately you cannot filter it out of your water.

According to ThoughtCo, you can use reverse osmosis, activated alumina, and distillation to filter your water of fluoride. In that case, it may be easier to purchase bottled waterΒ (I know it’s bad for the environment), move, or detox. Here’s how to do the last thing.

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Master Post: Non-Fluoridated Water

It’s no secret that 70%~ of water sources in the United States are filled with fluoride. We were told that fluoride prevents cavities, but is it really safe for us to consume in such large quantities?

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