Is Loneliness a Symptom of Depression or Circumstance?

Sometimes when you try to separate fact from the fiction inside your head, you can’t tell which is which.

Stream of consciousness rant below:

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“Do You Consider Yourself a ‘Happy Person?'”

ATTENTION: This is my 100th post on the Barefoot Aya! Wahoo!

An interview for a job I was perfectly qualified for that I thought I would enjoy came up and I had the answers to every single interview question but one:

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The World Cries With Me: A Love For Rain

I’ve noticed people tend to hate weather. Whether it be the cold, the snow, the rain, the hail, or the lava creeping into their homes, it seems fairly popular to hate all weather. I’m not like that. IΒ love the weather, maybe possibly too much.

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Get Outside

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get outside. The outdoors does wonders for your mental and physical health. Lately, I’ve been using my free time to reflect, work on my physical health, and ruminate on plans for the future by hiking with my brother’s dog.

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Medical Marijuana: Actually Not Bullshit

I thought I had tried everything. I thought that meditation, a healthy lifestyle, surrounding myself with good friends, and seeing a therapist regularly were enough to combat my Dysthymia. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Suicidal thoughts kept creeping up on me even though I had been making tons of progress with my therapy and even though everything else in my life seemed to be going well. I was running out of options and assumed that medication was the only way I could save myself even though I wanted to avoid medication as much as possible.

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