When you choose to let go, the world stops
And you know that,
So that’s why you jumped
Because you needed us,
But we didn’t understand.
Now we know, but you’re gone
And your pain has scattered.
Your monster has flung shards into everyone
Who has ever loved you
Now we know, but you no longer need us
And all we want is to help you
But you won’t need help again.
It is us who needs helping.
It is us who needs love and to love each other again.
We stop our TV shows and call in sick from work.
We are sick, with thoughts of you
With a love that has no place to go
We tell others who knew you
And the shards fling
Into their hearts,
Cut them up like paper snowflakes.
Writhing little pieces of worm
Wondering where to dig, how to live,
Knowing that you no longer wanted to.

Your pain left you and entered us
And maybe you didn’t know that
Or maybe you didn’t have a choice.
Maybe you were fighting for so long…
…that you weren’t strong enough to live anymore.
No test could find the Darkness
That took you away from us.
No x-ray could show the shards that pierced our souls
When it was released from yours.
Maybe you didn’t know
That your pain would be a ghost
That would live inside of us all
Or maybe you’re very sorry
Because you knew that it would.