Today Was Weird

This is a post in the Bee Love series about first-time beekeeping.

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How to Define Yourself

My writing mentor (even though we’ve never met or talked), Augusten Burroughs, writes some pretty wonderful advice about love and life and everything in-between. In his book, “This is How,” he gave his readers some insightful advice: Who you are is made up of multiple things, but you do not have to define yourself with any of them. In essence, labels are straight-up bullshit. You label yourself.

This is not a quote. In fact, I cannot find an actual quote of what specifically this book taught me (I highly recommend it, obviously). Anyway, I want to hash out that idea here.

Assume all quotations in this piece are by Augusten Burroughs.

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So You Want to Go Paleo: 8 Tips to Help You!

You’ve heard so many things about it: Paleo. What does it mean? The fad diet that has real science to back it up as one of the healthiest diets you can go on (keto is arguably the best) is not incredibly easy to manage. Follow some of these tips to help ease the transition:

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How to Shop Responsibly This Year

The Holidays are a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family, but greed and other interests can get in the way. Make this year what the holidays are supposed to represent: love and quality time with family and friends. Of course, we can still enjoy gift-giving by shopping responsibly. Below are a few guidelines to holiday shopping this year.

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Tinder: The Dos and Don’ts

If you’re a typical lonely human in the sad, sad world of growing individualistic technology, you may have downloaded the Tinder App at one point in your lifetime. At first, like most, I was skeptical of dating apps and dating websites. Online dating has had a bad reputation since it first came out. It’s for weird people who can’t find a date otherwise is the typical saying. Lately, however, online dating has blown up and since we spend so much time on our phones and less time in the company of actual living, breathing people, how can this come at a surprise?

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The Girl with the Ice Cream

I came home from a day filled with good and bad things.  I had a great time with friends, learned a lot from visiting museums, and even found a cool restaurant!  I saw a movie, argued with my brother, and had to deal with my mom trying to convince me to “work harder” to get back together with my boyfriend ex-boyfriend.  It still just doesn’t seem right.  It still feels like it never even happened (not the relationship, but the breaking up part).

Anyway, I got on my computer and started my nightly Internet perusal.  I got out some Pirate’s Booty and some crispy seaweed as snacks.  I got bored of those after awhile and switched to chocolate ice cream topped with peanut butter.  The sweet, chocolatey taste made my taste buds zing and it was exactly what I needed to end my day.

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