Yes, I Have a “Type”

Let me guess: Your favorite author is Isaac Asimov?

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A Box of Damaged Photographs

Tell me it’s okay. I know it’s not, but I want you to tell me anyway.

The world is passing by in a wisp of smoke and I’ve lost sight of the ground.

Tell me who you are, who I am. Speak your words as loudly as you can because I can’t hear you from all the way over here.

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Fleeting Interactions


There are so many times in our lives when we look at someone or start talking to someone and there’s an instant connection. They’re beautiful, maybe fleeting, and maybe they last forever. They may happen anywhere and at anytime. Sometimes you might initiate conversation and sometimes you may not – the person leaves you wondering…forever…if there could have been some type of relationship.

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Accepting the Unknown


After traveling to different places and constantly shifting gears to change with the locations and people I’m surrounded by, I can’t help but get a little depressed every time I must leave to take on a new adventure, despite the excitement that comes with it. I fill my head with questions such as “Will I ever be back here” and “When I come back, will anything be the same? Will the same people be alive? Will I be able to visit the same places?”

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How to Meet New and Interesting People

As I grow older, I realize that most people know each other from either school or work. In this case, school and work could be viewed as the same thing since they are both so similar, such as they are places one is obligated to go to every day in order to eventually receive money so they can buy food and other necessary things to sustain life. As children, people become friends with the people who live closest to them or people who they see most often. At this point, a person’s personality hasn’t really developed yet, so there’s nothing really not to like unless the person smells or something. Continue reading