My 1 Year Anniversary Since Everything Changed

Today marks a year since I noticed significant changes in my body that led to a full-on chronic illness lasting for around 4 months. Feel free to read the full story starting here if you haven’t already.

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BL: Bee Stings for Health

B E E • V E N O M

(It’s way more awesome than you think.)

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The Traveling Gluten-Free Mecca: GFAF Review

As an official blogger for the GFAF Expo in Worcester, MA, I didn’t know what to expect but gluten-free madness. I met some interesting bloggers and others who need to make living allergen-friendly a priority in their lives (or else they nearly die from anaphylactic shock in Austria). Oh, and I have a new diagnosis.

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An Inappropriate Perspective of LA

When I first came to LA, I had a very specific vision of what it would be like and that was mostly Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake madly in love, wearing matching denim outfits.

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Bee Love: Planting a Bee Garden

What can you do to help the bees besides beekeeping? Plant organic plants that bees love!

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Pretty cool announcement!

Hey all,

As you may know from my Mystery Illness situation, I had a gnarly reaction to an antibiotic about a year ago.

Well, I have not only recovered, but I was a guest on Lisa Bloomquist’s podcast, Floxie Hope. You may listen here or here and I hope you all have a lovely day!


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“You’re going to Hell.”

It seems everyone has at least one horror story from attending Catholic school. One of mine (I have many) comes from my 5th grade religion class.

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