Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does “Aya” mean? How do you pronounce it? The aya is an African symbol for a fern known to represent resilience. It’s like AH-Yuh
  • How long has this blog existed? Since 2012. It was formerly called Musings of a Modern Hippie
  • Can I email you? I will happily answer any questions you may have for me and I do take post suggestions.
  • I’m sorry for bothering you, but… Do not start your emails with apologies. I love talking to people and you are worthy of existing, my friend.
  • Did you do all of this yourself? Yes, I designed my website, logo, business card, etc myself. Depending on the project, I may be open to designing your website/logo/business card/etc with proper compensation.
  • Where do you get your information? I thoroughly research everything on my blog unless otherwise noted. I tend to stick to primary sources, like properly conducted studies. I try to link every source I use and if I don’t, that’s because the source is my own experience or you can plug it into google easily.
  • My question for ‘Ask Aya‘ was rejected. Why?
    Your question will only be rejected for 3 reasons:
    1 – It is not a question. Example: “I like your blog.” Please leave comments in the comments section.
    2 – It is political and/or inappropriate.
    3 – Your question is implicitly mean.
  • What are your skills/experience? Can I hire you for my project? In addition to writing and research, my skills include: scriptwriting, Adobe Creative Cloud, film set work (production+camera), beekeeping, teaching writing/skiing (beginner, racing, park, moguls, telemark)/Spanish, social media, HTML, public speaking, Google Analytics, SEO, Microsoft & Apple Office among others, and I am available for hire.
  • Will you go out with me? I am not available to go out with you. Please take your flirtations elsewhere.
  • What do you look like? I look like this:


    (I’m on the left. The cool chick on the right is an Argentinian dental student.)

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