Horrible Experience With Thrive Market

You guys, I normally don’t write stuff like this, but I know this is the type of community that uses their services and I want to protect my readers.

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From Vegan to AIP: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Eat Meat Again


I was never a “good” vegetarian. I would break for special occasions, when traveling, or just to make sure I got the chance to try something special. My ethos was and still is:

Do your best to minimize your contribution to climate change and/or the suffering of animals, but not to the extent that you feel you’re constantly missing out.

Once, while I was following this mostly-veggie mantra, I ate a traditional tamale stuffed with meat. The mother of the guy who I was dating at the time had made them, and they were one of his favorite dishes. Before warming up the tamale for me, this ex-boyfriend made a judgmental remark along the lines of, “You’re going to just forget your morals like that?”

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Diet Series: Anna’s Story

I ate meat and dairy every single day for the first 21 years of my life. I always thought vegetarians and vegans were extremists who weren’t living life right.

Then, on a random afternoon in late December 2014, I decided to watch a documentary called Vegucated. It revealed the factory farming industry’s horrible treatment of animals as well as its negative effects on the environment. The film struck a chord with me, and I came away from it thinking, “I can’t participate in this anymore.”

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Diet Series: How Healthy are Popular Diets?

This one’s long. It may be my longest post ever, like Wait But Why style. Get ready.

Gluten is bad, meat is bad. You should avoid processed sugars, dairy, soy. We hear it over and over again. A new study shows you should eat a ton of kale. Make sure you take probiotics every day – no, wait, prebiotics. What diets are healthy, which are straight-up wrong, and which are environment-friendly? Here’s a review on a bunch of different diets that people tend to be on these days. This will be a multiple-part series highlighting guest authors’ stories about their relationship to food and their respective current diets.

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