Horrible Experience With Thrive Market

You guys, I normally don’t write stuff like this, but I know this is the type of community that uses their services and I want to protect my readers.

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The Traveling Gluten-Free Mecca: GFAF Review

As an official blogger for the GFAF Expo in Worcester, MA, I didn’t know what to expect but gluten-free madness. I met some interesting bloggers and others who need to make living allergen-friendly a priority in their lives (or else they nearly die from anaphylactic shock in Austria). Oh, and I have a new diagnosis.

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I Tried Oxygen Therapy and This is What Happened

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I got very, very sick a few months ago from a combination of an antibiotic reaction and some mold toxicity. Since then, health has been my top priority. I’ve been bumming around, reading a ton (incredible for stress relief), making so many green smoothies I could drown in them, and eating a ton of weird stuff that I had never tried before.

Recently, I tried oxygen therapy. From a Groupon I bought for four sessions along with a free five sessions they gave me for a broken sauna, I decided to use one of my sessions to try out oxygen therapy.

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