How to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Student loans are notorious for fucking up everyone’s life between the ages of 18 and 35. You’ve bought into some sick lie people told you and now you’re in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt while still making the same amount you were making at your dead-end job in high school and not having any health insurance.

Even if you do have a better-paying job with benefits, chances are student loans still sucks you down, so here’s what you can do.

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The Internal Productivity Struggle

How do you stop constantly assessing if you’re doing “enough” work?

Society plugged us into this capitalistic machine of wanting to do work and feeling satisfied when we do more work, or the most work. When have you truly done “enough?”

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“What Is Wrong With Me?”

Unemployment and feeling stuck makes you think some pretty weird things. Lately, it’s been giving me a bunch of anxiety and I am not a fan. I’m usually more of a “Woe is me, everything is corrupt and the world is only getting worse” kind of a person, but this time it’s different.

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The Quarter-Life Crisis


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bleak and dreaded Mid-Life Crisis.  Legend says, once you hit your mid-forty’s to mid-fifty’s you start thinking about impending death, how half of your life is over, and how it’s all an uphill struggle from here.  Common symptoms include buying a toupee and/or a new car, a psychological sign that you’re either trying to make yourself feel better or you need to make up for the lost time you spent at a dead-end job or raising your high school drop out children.  I could talk all day about this, but I’ve never experienced it, and that’s not why I’m here.  I’m talking about the Quarter-Life Crisis.

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