The Monster

Depression is a curse.
It’s a feeling, but a being, but something else
all wrapped up into one.
It writhes within and cries terror.
It’s dark, it’s uneasy, it’s what’s at the bottom of the lake.

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A Box of Damaged Photographs

Tell me it’s okay. I know it’s not, but I want you to tell me anyway.

The world is passing by in a wisp of smoke and I’ve lost sight of the ground.

Tell me who you are, who I am. Speak your words as loudly as you can because I can’t hear you from all the way over here.

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15 Proven Ways To Destress

Lately I’ve been trying to get my mind away from the hustle and bustle of social media. Facebook, especially, rack with political bullshit, destroys my mood and creates unnecessary anxiety. It seems as though everyone lately is wrought with depression and anxiety. Who can blame them? Society is trying to increase our productivity at the expense of a way less fulfilling life. I would much rather spend my time outdoors, with people, and away from screens. Facebook is definitely still addicting for me, though, no matter how many times I try to detox. Here are a few things I’ve been trying lately to rid that technology-fueled, work-fueled anxiety from my life:

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