An Inappropriate Perspective of LA

When I first came to LA, I had a very specific vision of what it would be like and that was mostly Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake madly in love, wearing matching denim outfits.

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Late Night Rant

For about one night every two weeks or so, I just can’t get to sleep unless I write something down. Usually, it makes little sense and sometimes it makes a lot of sense. Sometimes, I’ll edit it or transform it into something else, when I am conscious and sober from sleep. Here, I’m not sure what this is. I wrote it last week and I cannot get myself to edit it for whatever reason. So, for now, here it is, a rant in its raw and unfiltered form. Enjoy.

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6 Reasons Why Circles Should be the New Default Shape for Profile Pictures


Look at the circles.  Google+ has them.  Potluck has them.  Why can’t the rest of us have them?  The world is a sadder place when square default pictures override the world of circular ones.  Why are circle-shaped default pictures better than square-shaped ones?  I’ll tell you why.

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