Everything and Everyone

When you lose everything and everyone,

it’s hard to stay on the tracks

until you notice you were pretending

and didn’t have anything to begin with.

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A Box of Damaged Photographs

Tell me it’s okay. I know it’s not, but I want you to tell me anyway.

The world is passing by in a wisp of smoke and I’ve lost sight of the ground.

Tell me who you are, who I am. Speak your words as loudly as you can because I can’t hear you from all the way over here.

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An Unfinished Yearning for Something Else

I want to slow it all down,

take it back

to an abandoned, dusty town,

ride my bike down the alley

and make out with an old flame,

pushing him against the wall

while no one is watching.

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For Those Who Made My Heart Turn Gold

This is for the terrible beautiful confused people who didn’t know how to tell me they were sorry when they ripped my heart into shreds. This is for the dog we found in my cousin’s backyard, fell in love with, and named Friday after the day we found him. This is for the man I gave my virginity to who proclaimed his love to me in six stanzas while I held tears back looking up at the stars on a porch swing to the scent of pecans. Continue reading