Me Too: An Alternate Perspective

What if you were/are an abuser? What if you have committed sexual assault?

One time I questioned that myself when I was hooking up with a dude in Los Angeles. We were making out on his bed and we were getting pretty intimate. He was very religious and I wasn’t thinking when I moved my hand towards his crotch. It felt like the natural progression of things to me, but not to him. He then stiffened and turned away from me. A simple action that had happened to me a bunch of times with others, many times without my own consent, was one that I might had just performed without his consent.

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Magnesium! Magnesium! Magnesium!

What is one thing that every person in modern society has in common? A magnesium deficiency!!!! Cool, right? Not quite.

If you have a random headache, muscle pains that occur for no reason, muscle twitching or spasms, chronic fatigue, you may simply have a magnesium deficiency. Women, especially, become magnesium deficient during their periods. If you’ve wondered why nearly all women crave chocolate during their period or PMS, it’s because chocolate contains high levels of magnesium. Our cravings actually mean something! When you crave a certain food, it usually means your body needs a nutrient in that food, so listen to your body and give into your cravings!

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Herbal Miscarriage and What to Avoid if You’re Trying to Conceive

Okay, yeah. I’m writing about abortion. Hear me out, though. This is important information. Recently, I read “Cunt” by Inga Muscio and learned about a way to end an unwanted pregnancy by the means of massage and herbal “remedies.”Curious, I looked up other resources on this and found out that it’s legitimate.

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It’s Time to Throw in the Rag and Update Your Feminine Products

It’s no secret that pads and tampons are harmful to the environment. If women generally use around 3 to 5 tampons per day, a woman will use about 30 or so tampons per month. That’s 360 tampons a year – one for every single day. So, what can we do about it? You can’t recycle tampons and they take forever to degrade. No one is really sure how long it takes to decompose, but with the population of the world being around 60% female, it doesn’t really matter. Tampons and pads are going to be in landfills forever.

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No Poo for You!

So, I’ve always had problems with my hair.  I’ve needed to wash it every day for as long as I can remember because otherwise it gets too greasy.  I’ve tried baby powder as dry shampoo and whatever, but nothing works.  I also can’t brush my hair because it’s very thin and fragile.  It just breaks and creates split ends.


I recently learned about something called the “no poo method.”  It sounds really awkward, but it’s not.  The method consists of substituting baking soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner.

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