Hello there! I am super excited to announce this!

Instead of doing work like I’m supposed to right now, I made an advice column section for The Barefoot Aya. I’ve been getting a lot of personal questions from my readers related to the blog or otherwise and I want to be able to answer them in a way that helps everyone who visits The Barefoot Aya. Depending on how many questions I get, I may do a post per week/month/on an as-needed basis to answer these questions and keep an archive on the ‘Ask Aya’ page.

I have always wanted to write an advice column! I kept searching for some good ones, but as it turns out, advice columns are not very popular anymore. Let’s change that! This is kind of like a real advice column except that you guys know who ‘Aya’ is. Maybe if I don’t think I can answer a question, I can turn it over to one of my guest bloggers, but other than that, I am not anonymous.

You may be completely anonymous and sign your question with an alias like “Lonely in Seattle” or you can choose to be public… or you can choose to just use your first name!

You may ask me any question at all – even if it is unrelated to the blog, minus a few exceptions listed on the FAQ page. Make sure it is an actual question. Feel free to send me multiple to get this started! Yay!

You can ‘Ask Aya’ by clicking the link below or clicking the link in the top navigation bar.askaya.png