Let me guess: Your favorite author is Isaac Asimov?

I have a type. It’s not a physical type, although I did start out dating only skinny tall white dudes with really dark hair and blue eyes. That’s no longer the case. It’s more like what books they like, what movies they enjoy, how they think about the world, which types of people they sleep with… many times, these are not the same things I enjoy, so what gives? Some people claim they don’t have a type, but we probably all do because I didn’t think I had a type until I watched this video this morning:

I’m not much of a YouTube watcher considering I usually help make YouTube videos and the average YouTube audience are teens ages 13-17 who enjoy watching people make a fool of themselves. The demographic has changed dramatically in the past few years (everything has changed dramatically in the past few years), and I am always recommended these ‘Casually Explained’ videos.

The first time I ever watched ‘Casually Explained’ was a few years ago (I seriously thought it was around 4 years ago, but they only go up to 2 years ago so either he’s deleting these videos or my memory is imperfect, which it is, obviously. I am a human). I was dating this guy who was nearly identical to this other guy in a year-long relationship that had ended about a week or two before our first date. Yup, he was a rebound, and from that information, you may think I’m a serial monogamist, but remember at the time I was living in New York City and I was the most alone I had ever been in a large city, hating my internship, and waking up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain in my heart. Yes, this was a real feeling. Broken hearts are totally a real thing.

Anyway, the rebound guy introduced me to a bunch of silly, somewhat intellectual YouTube videos and I was like whattttt this is cool. I thought YT was about eating cinnamon straight and filming yourself doing it. We were both in college: he at an Ivy League and I at New York’s “public Ivy,” a depressing way of saying, “Hey I go to a good school even though I’m poor/middle class/not in the 1% and can’t afford a different one, but it is a good school even though I pay public tuition!!!!” On the bright side, I have less student debt than most of my friends who didn’t also go to Bing, but on the dark side, that makes me very sad.


Side note: Now everyone’s jealous because we’re free and still a really good school. Fuck you, Cornell. Go Bearcats.

So, Rebound Guy started telling me about the things he liked, namely, science fiction books written by Isaac Asimov, House of Leaves was one of his favorites, really good food, etc. All things that were eerily the same things that my ex liked. Let’s make a chart, because I like charts:



Nicknames were given to save those who I am still good friends with. One person’s real name was used because he’s basically dead to me. 🙂

So these are all things that seem to frequent the people I date that mostly don’t apply to me at all. Many times we start dating before I know any of these things about them and when s/he’s like “OMG Have you read the Foundation series?” I can roll my eyes and say “of course.”

Perhaps I date people who are like the person I could have been at various aspects of my life. My family is not rich, but I went to private school with people who came from rich families. I did not go to med school, but it was something I had worked towards for 19 years of my life. I do not play an instrument, but I’ve always wanted to learn. My reading habits include mostly memoirs, but I like watching scifi movies.

Maybe making babies with someone who’s really into those Casually Explained YouTube videos is best for passing on my genes. Maybe… I don’t know. I find it strange that the people I choose to spend my time with tend to like the same things even if I don’t partake. “Does drugs” could have been one of my categories and it would have affected at least 80% of that list. Perhaps we like to spend time with people who are different from us in order to gain different perspectives and grow.

My friends are all so vastly different it’s hard to keep track. I have conservative friends, liberal friends, rock climbing friends, musician friends, sports-playing friends, construction worker friends, friends who work in finance, friends on disability, friends who make over 6 figures a year, friends who barely make five figures a year, friends who are in a lot of debt, friends whose parents died when they were very young, friends who are old, friends who knit, friends who paint, friends who make a mean dinner, friends in prison, friends in the Peace Corps, and friends who seem like they never get off the plane.

I really don’t know how to end this post, for once. I’m a bit nervous my exes/friends will be upset that I gave them nicknames and threw them onto a chart. I don’t know what to tell you guys. I guess it’s your fault for dating a writer. You’re lucky you’re not Kyle.

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