If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I got very, very sick a few months ago from a combination of an antibiotic reaction and some mold toxicity. Since then, health has been my top priority. I’ve been bumming around, reading a ton (incredible for stress relief), making so many green smoothies I could drown in them, and eating a ton of weird stuff that I had never tried before.

Recently, I tried oxygen therapy. From a Groupon I bought for four sessions along with a free five sessions they gave me for a broken sauna, I decided to use one of my sessions to try out oxygen therapy.

It wasn’t as crazy as I imagined. I thought they would hook me up to a literal medical device that looked super scary. The research I did beforehand didn’t amount to much. Some people experience more energy, increased metabolism, and faster healing for wounds. Other than that, oxygen therapy hasn’t done much for people who don’t really need it for medical reasons. There is barely any scientific research on it, which is sad and kind of weird. Regardless, I always try everything once, so I hooked it up and breathed in.

The machine looked like the main hardware of one of those old desktop Dell computers. All white, with a few flashing lights and what looked like a fan, the machine was attached to two headsets. I swear, it looked just like a customer service headset except that there was no earpiece and the mouthpiece was supposed to be placed under your nose. When I first imagined this, I thought my mouth would definitely be on some kind of tube, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

Kinda looked like this

I was placed on a massage table (not really a chair) and told to place the headset on my head and under my nose. I breathed in and felt cool air coming through the headset. The spa person told me that the session lasted for 30 minutes and that the air was 40% oxygen (compared to the 20% we normally breathe). I laid back and played around on snapchat, making fun of how silly I looked.

After the 30 minutes was up and I could finally get away from the blaring country pop that was playing over the speakers, I gathered my things, said my goodbyes to the kind staff, and sat in my car for a good 15 minutes as a wave of a super odd feeling came upon me.

My head felt foggy. I wouldn’t be able to describe the feeling as bad nor good, but it was definitely something I had never felt before. I stayed on snapchat and discussed the strange feeling along with how hungry I was. I felt trapped in my driver seat, unable to make a decision about where to eat. Following a paleo diet makes that decision super difficult anyway, but I had a few good options and I could always eat a salad in a worst case scenario.

Once I made up my mind to go to Whole Foods, I started my car and drove over there. I still felt very weird, but the feeling did not affect my coordination. It may be good to note that I had also used the sauna before trying the oxygen. At any rate, I had no difficulty whatsoever in driving after the session even though I still felt very, very weird.

Once I finally made a decision on what to eat from Whole Foods’ vast selection, I sat by myself and started to feel way more normal once the nutrients set in. On my way back home, I still felt kind of foggy, but it gradually faded.

Besides the strange foggy feeling, there wasn’t much else I noticed from the oxygen therapy. The next day I felt refreshed and more energetic. All of my symptoms went away again, but that usually happens after I use the sauna anyway.

All in all, oxygen therapy didn’t seem to do much for me. Perhaps there were some positive changes that I didn’t notice, but perhaps multiple sessions may have made somewhat of a more noticeable difference. Maybe it works for some people and not others or maybe my symptoms weren’t affected by it and it may help people with different problems. If you have the time and money (or a cheap Groupon like I did – the therapy usually runs for $40 a session), you might as well try it out. It’s worth a shot!

This post was written in late 2016 and I snapchatted the whole thing, thinking I saved those snaps for the blog, but I didn’t. Oh well! Enjoy a mostly photoless post.

Have you ever tried oxygen therapy? How did it make you feel?

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Hammacher