So, as you all may or may not know, for the past month and a few weeks, I’ve been “afflicted” with a mystery illness. I will go over the mystery illness in detail along with all of the crazy stuff I’ve learned from it, but I want to make some changes to this site first.

I’ve had this blog for 3+ years going pretty strong. Sure, I only post once a month or once every two months, but what I publish has been heavily curated, somewhat artsy, and important (to me at least). I’m about to change all that (or I’m going to try).
Friends of mine ask me how I do certain things I’ve only talked about like once on snapchat, instagram, or in passing conversation. Questions such as, “How can you tell when coconut oil goes bad?” and “What are the uses for charcoal/bentonite clay,” “How do I make a natural bath?” come up frequently and I want to address those. That’s why, while I’m recovering from this insanity, I’m going to make a list of everything I know about holistic and natural healthcare. I’ve never made a post about diet, by the way, and that’s what pushed me into this whole thing in the first place. Ooo I’ll put the story in my “About” section right now! With these posts, I’ll try to make them as long and as picture-filled as my previous posts, but they may end up being just short and sweet. They may be longer. I may make master posts that I consistently edit after I find new information. Here are a few topics I plan to discuss:

  • Uses for activated charcoal and bentonite clay (I’ll probably put it into one post since they’re very similar)
  • Uses for essential oils
  • Stress Reduction and why it’s essential to your health
  • Fluoride: Here’s How to Avoid it and Why
  • Detox!
  • Western Medicine vs Eastern Medicine (Benefits of each and what type of doctor to go to, which take insurance, etc)
  • Natural antibiotics (and how to protect yourself while taking western antibiotics)
  • Your Second Brain (Leaky Gut)
  • My Diet: Part 1, IBS (preservative free) 2011-2016
  • My Diet: Part 2, Paleo 2016-
  • Natural Headache Relief
  • Natural Stomach Pain Relief
  • Oil Pulling and Teeth Health

Yeah, I’m just going to make a verrrryyyyy long list and write a bunch of posts for you guys.
Okay, I have ONE MORE ANNOUNCEMENT. This one is barely important, but my address will change, so… I’m changing the name of my blog and that includes the web address. There are actually two other blogs now with the same name as mine and one of them has .com. Kelly of the .com address has a much different blog that she puts a lot more work into. She has a bunch of social media pages too, which I plan 0n adding! By that I mean, I’ll make a facebook page and post things I find interesting. That will be updated even less.
So yes, this new mystery illness has taken a toll on me and helped me change my view on medicine, forced me to go back to my roots with holistic healing. I feel like there’s been some sort of rebirth. Through all of the crap I went through (get ready for this story), I’m an even bigger believer in natural healing practices and I’m thinking of taking this whole passion to practice ~~by becoming a functional medicine doctor. MAYBE, okay? I’m thinking about it. I would have to go through hardcore schooling first. So, we’ll still have weird poetry (people seemed to really be into that) and talk about other weird things, like “How to Conquer Every Fear Ever.” However, I gotta bring it back to natural healing. 🙂 Leave suggestions for the blog name in the comments BELOW 😀
Love ya as always,