Okay, yeah. I’m writing about abortion. Hear me out, though. This is important information. Recently, I read “Cunt” by Inga Muscio and learned about a way to end an unwanted pregnancy by the means of massage and herbal “remedies.”Curious, I looked up other resources on this and found out that it’s legitimate.

There are ways to initiate a miscarriage without heading to a doctor or clinic although depending on how far along you are, it only works about 40-70% of the time. These methods are recommended as early as possible into the pregnancy and I figured all of this information should be made available in the same space not only for terrified women who don’t want to be violated so they don’t have another mouth to feed, but especially for women trying to have a baby, so that s/he isn’t spontaneously aborted in the first trimester. Surprisingly, a lot of these methods include items you use on a daily basis. If you’re trying to conceive, avoid these at all costs during the first trimester:
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1) Ibuprofen

Yeah, Advil can keep you from becoming pregnant. The anti-inflammatory drug keeps the zygote from imbedding in the uterus.

2) Vitamin C

This vitamin affects your progesterone levels and is the most safe way to end an unwanted pregnancy. It increases your estrogen production, which can prematurely end a pregnancy. How crazy is it that eating too many oranges could affect your chances of carrying to term? You can purchase a good vitamin C supplement here.

3) Evening Primrose Oil
NOT the essential oil, but rather an herbal oil (think of it like an oil tea) when rubbed on the cervix, can cause it to contract and expel from the uterus. This can prepare the cervix to open for a newborn as well. It’s used by midwives. This is my favorite evening primrose oil, which I use for neuropathy and as a moisturizer.

4) Angelica/Dong Quai*
A uterine stimulant that’s harmful if taken for a long period of time, Angelica has been used for herbal abortions for years. What’s also interesting is that Dong Quai can stimulate the uterus during a healthy pregnancy, creating a better environment for the growing baby!

5) Black/Blue Cohosh*
Not only can black cohosh and blue cohosh be used to stimulate a miscarriage in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, but they can also be used to stimulate childbirth as they’ve been used for this purpose by midwives. However, these herbs are also harmful if taken for a long period of time, so use with caution.

6) Cotton Root Bark
Used in Chinese medicine, this herb is a uterine stimulant and interferes with progesterone (like Vitamin C).

7) Parsley
Can be placed in the vagina as a suppository to open the cervix. Not sure if eating it has any effect.

8) Pennyroyal and Tansy*
Pennyroyal and tansy are very toxic herbs that have an ancient history being used to create a miscarriage. Use with caution.

9) Pineapple
Eating a pre-ripe, young pineapple won’t make you have an abortion, but eating 4 of them might according to Hawaiian tradition (I guess this goes under Vitamin C though).

10) Uterine massage
Massaging the uterus right above the pelvic bone and to the sides can dislodge any signs of pregnancy. Do not massage your uterus in these areas if you’re trying to have a baby!

Note that because of social stigma and lack of research, a lot of these methods should be practiced with care. Do not do anything that will cause irreparable damage to your body. Although these methods have been passed down by oral tradition for centuries, not many details regarding how much or how exactly each herb should be administered safely. Please research as much as you can before doing anything drastic and do not be afraid to go to your doctor to get a surgical abortion if these methods do not work.
A trusted functional doctor can help you with dosages. Find a reputable functional doctor at the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Contact me if you have any questions.
*For the more toxic ones, it’s suggested to get a surgical abortion if the herbs are not successful considering they are extremely harmful for the baby.

Thank you for reading with an open mind. Although no one is pro-abortion, this information should be made public knowledge for all women. Don’t forget to take care of your body and love yourself. I thought this information would be particularly helpful for women having trouble conceiving because any little thing helps.
This post contains affiliate links.