As I grow older, I realize that most people know each other from either school or work. In this case, school and work could be viewed as the same thing since they are both so similar, such as they are places one is obligated to go to every day in order to eventually receive money so they can buy food and other necessary things to sustain life. As children, people become friends with the people who live closest to them or people who they see most often. At this point, a person’s personality hasn’t really developed yet, so there’s nothing really not to like unless the person smells or something.
Although psychologists claim we develop past this stage and make friends with people based on their personalities as we age, I think some people are always stuck in this stage. Of course, in some cases, such as living in a place like Los Angeles where it’s difficult to meet people or a small town where not many people live, it makes sense to be friends with those you work with or those who live near you.
However, it’s amazing how many people marry those they meet in college or know from work. Nowadays, people are starting to meet on the Internet.
It surprises me how we are constantly surrounded by people out in the city, on public transportation, in restaurants, etc.  and yet that’s not the most common way to meet people.
Sure, we’re usually faced with conversation on a daily basis with people we work with or go to school with. We also spend most of our days here, anyway. Perhaps people are uncomfortable with talking to others and it makes more sense to get to know the people you see everyday, or people you think you can trust. Maybe strangers on the street are too scary to talk to. They could be anyone. They could be an astronaut, assassin, rising celebrity, lawyer, thief, mother, runner, chess player, or a person who likes long walks on the beach. Is the variety the scary part because I think that’s the most exciting part about meeting someone new. You can ask a new person whatever question you want and there is no way you can predict what they would answer.
There are so many people in this world to meet, hate, love, and learn from. It surprises me that so many people settle for being friends with that guy in the cubicle next to you in the office who kinda smells, but I guess he’s sort of nice or that girl you met in college who happens to live in the same apartment building in the city you moved to.
If we all went out of our way to talk to that cute guy in the coffee shop or that lovely person who puts up posters for upcoming plays in the area, we might make a new unexpected friend. Those people are usually the most exciting and best friends because you meet not because it’s convenient, but because you like that person for who they are and what you both have in common. On top of that, you’ll have the best story when people ask how you met rather than the typical, “we went to college together” or simply, “work.”
To those responses, I always smile a little because I bet it was still a lovely meeting, but there are no follow-up questions. It isn’t an interesting story.
Plus, there are so many people who claim that they are lonely. Why are you lonely when in all cases (unless you live in Antarctica or a tiny island), there are billions of people waiting to be your new friend or lover? The world would just be a much better place if we all took the time to acknowledge the people we see on a daily basis and welcome people into our lives, so if you are feeling sad and lonely, don’t wait around for someone new to start working at your job. Get out there and talk to whoever you find interesting. They won’t think you’re weird for doing it. They will most likely appreciate your effort and they will be as delighted to meet you as you are to meet them.
What are any good, interesting stories you have about how you met one of your friends?