9 Ways to Cure pH Imbalance Naturally Through Diet

pH imbalances are incredibly common amongst women of childbearing age. The most common types are not yeast infections and therefore cannot be treated with a yeast infection medication. Whatever type you may have, it can go away with time. However, letting it pass may cause complications with fertility and other issues later in life.

Perhaps you want to treat your imbalance as soon as possible, but you don’t want to treat it with strange chemical gels and you don’t want to get a prescription for antibiotics, especially since it’s something that’s bound to go away on its own. Hey, maybe you’re just embarrassed to go out and get some or you cannot for some reason. Luckily for you, you can cure your annoying discomfort through a change in diet.

Most of the time, pH imbalance occurs from poor diet, although it can occur from menstruation (if your vagina is super sensitive) or even from semen after unprotected sex. It can occur from hormonal changes during pregnancy, from taking the birth control pill, or taking the morning after pill. Heck, it could even come from puberty and it can also just be a mystery cause (oooooohhhh).

Even if it isn’t caused by a poor diet, there are a few foods you can eat (and some you can apply directly to your vagina) that can help cure a pH imbalance.

1) Apple cider vinegar

Drink or apply topically

Apparently apple cider vinegar can also be applied topically, but I haven’t heard of many instances of people trying this, so maybe not. However, drinking one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water helps to restore balance to your system through acv’s antibacterial properties.

2) Half a Lemon

Consume by mouth only

It sounds like a myth – it really does, but drink half a lemon’s worth of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and follow with water before bed. You will most likely feel some results the next day.

*Remember to follow with water for both ACV and lemon juice – both are acidic and can harm your teeth if you don’t wash it down with water afterwards.

3) Coconut oil

Consume or apply topically!

Eating coconut oil every day is one of the best things you can do for your body. In that case, eating coconut oil should help a lot.

*You shouldn’t ever try to clean the inside of your vagina even though coconut oil is safe for the inside. Make sure your coconut oil isn’t spoiled regardless. Spoiled coconut oil will look a bit like shattered glass, have cracks through it, and look a little fuzzy. Check the bottom of the container!

4) Avocados


The fatty oils avocados contain balance your pH level and APPARENTLY if you have a generally not-as-lubricated vagina, you can consume avocado to replenish your natural liquids.

5) Leafy greens

Consume. Topical application won’t do anything.

I’m not sure why this helps. The research I’ve done only says, “You should always consume dark, leafy greens!” Hey, they’re right.

6) Yogurt


Yogurt works best to cure yeast infections, but the amount of good bacteria cultures in the yogurt would help out any pH imbalance situation. Eat yogurt every day. Buy all the yogurt! (Not yoplait or trix – like, the organic stuff)

7) Probiotics or kefír


Anything containing good bacteria (such as yogurt mentioned above) will help both your digestive system and your vagina. If you can’t easily find probiotics or you want to save some money, buy kefír or an organic, liquid probiotic yogurt (which is basically the same thing except it tastes good and it’s a tad more expensive).

8) Garlic

Consume or apply topically

Garlic, like ACV, has antibiotic properties and should help a little bit. Others have tried inserting a peeled garlic clove into the vagina overnight. It might work for some, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

9) Vitamin D


Sometimes, BV and other infections caused by a pH imbalance occur from not having enough Vitamin D in your system. A lack of Vitamin D could be caused by living in a place with little sunlight. Women should take a Vitamin D supplement or a multivitamin (including Vitamin D) every day to support vaginal health, but adding it to your diet during a pH imbalance might help.

If none of these work and the pH imbalance is seriously affecting your life, please go to a pharmacy and pick up repHresh or some other pH balancing medication. Again, if you cannot for some reason, don’t worry. pH imbalances are very common amongst “childbearing” women aka women in their teens through late 30’s and it should go away on its own. If you do have a pH imbalance, try to avoid having one in the future by taking vitamin D supplements, taking care not to contaminate the vaginal area, and practicing safe sex. Good luck, ladies!

What are things you’ve tried to balance your pH?

9 thoughts on “9 Ways to Cure pH Imbalance Naturally Through Diet

  1. I 38 years old and this is the first time in my life having an unpleasant discharge. I was treated for BV and started a strong antibiotic which lead to a yeast infection only to find out my BV results were negative. I’m afraid this is turning into a vicious cycle and I want our. But one cure creates a new problem. Please help me figure the best route for this crazy unpleasant cycle to end!!

    • I’ve used RepHresh for BV or whenever I feel it coming back. Try putting more garlic and yogurt into your diet, maybe change your underwear twice a day. I’ve heard that antibiotics only make it worse, whether you tested positive or negative, so try to avoid them! Best of luck to you! BV is super annoying.

  2. I battled with this for years trying EVERYTHING humanly possible, until I found out about tea tree oil and yogurt. you do have to insert them but you can find online the how to’s.

  3. When I started using the vinigar with water to balance out system I got Diarreha. Is that normal and should I take something to stop it?

  4. Ahhhhh so glad I came across this article of yours! 😀

    I’ve used baking soda sitz baths and topical application of baking soda and water.

    Also just letting my period flow inhibited, so using pads instead of tampons or a menstruation cup. Flowing free seems to be the thing that does it for me!

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