6 Reasons Why Circles Should be the New Default Shape for Profile Pictures


Look at the circles.  Google+ has them.  Potluck has them.  Why can’t the rest of us have them?  The world is a sadder place when square default pictures override the world of circular ones.  Why are circle-shaped default pictures better than square-shaped ones?  I’ll tell you why.

1)  They’re happier.


These adorable little guys brighten up everyone’s day – like bubbles.  Bubbles are happy.  So are circle defaults.

2) They’re clean and polished


3) They’re new.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 7.15.32 PM

Square defaults are so 90’s.  Now, “90’s kids,” not only 90’s kids will get this.  Other people will probably understand that square defaults are outdated.

4) They’re fun.

What did you throw and bounce around as a kid?  Balls?  Oh, what shape are balls?  Circles.  Don’t be a square.

5) It’s the only reason people join Google+

Let’s be real.  People don’t join Google+ because their friends are on it (they’re not) or so they can review apps on the Play Store (It’s not worth it).  Why do people join?  The circles.  Wait, that means two things now.

6) They’re “organic” and organic is cool.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 7.27.22 PM

Circles are considered organic shapes as opposed to geometric shapes (squares, triangles, etc.).  People are more drawn to organic shapes because they seem more natural / like something that would occur in nature, not that this is a valid reason, but still.

One thought on “6 Reasons Why Circles Should be the New Default Shape for Profile Pictures

  1. This event occurred rigt after the time Mario return to the Mushroom Kingdom so it had to take place after ekakkeeeakeg

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