What to do When Your Dog Has a Seizure (Part 2)

So it’s been a few weeks since Mellie went to the vet.  When we went, she seemed really nervous and hyper.  She whimpered a lot and unfortunately, peed on the floor of the vet office.  When we went into one of the rooms with the vet, she talked to my dog more than I, which I guess vets tend to do.  She kept calling her “friend.”  Is that normal?  I’m not sure.  Anyway, she gave me a prescription for seizure meds and she said that if they worked, my dog would have to take them twice a day for the rest of her doggy life with semi-annual vet visits.  Eh, my parents have a similar fate.

I brought Mellie to the local grocery store/pharmacy (Price Chopper) and waited a few minutes for her medication.  While I waited, I talked to the pharmacist about what the drug does, the dosage, the proper way to give medication to a dog, etc.  He said he would be giving me the same dosage a human would have, which I found strange, since my dog is about 1/10th the size of an average adult person.  He seemed confident and obviously knew what he was doing, so I took the medication and went home.

The first dosage was easy to give.  I hid the tiny pill (that was about two millimeters in diameter) in a block of cheese and gave it to her.  She gobbled it up immediately.  The next day, she didn’t feel like eating cheese, so I tried cookies, peanut butter, and even yogurt (she doesn’t eat dog food, usually).  After taking the medication, she felt the effects within about half an hour.  She seemed groggy and her actions almost resembled her original post-seizure zombie dog phase, without the staring into walls and walking through her own piss stage.  Just kidding.  Actually, she still walked through her own piss.  That day, she had one seizure, but since, (so far) she hasn’t had any.

The medication took her a few days to get used to.  She became Zombie Mellie for a bit.  She hid herself under tables, behind doors, and just laid in the bathroom to sleep (which she never enters unless she is sick or it is summer and she wants something cool to sleep on).  She slept many hours a day and when she wasn’t sleeping, she acted like she was super tired.  I was afraid Mellie would never be the same dog again.  Growing up, I had always wondered why people put their dogs down instead of just letting them die naturally.  Sadly, after all this, I understand why.  Their furry friend isn’t the same anymore, hard to take care of, and on top of all that, suffering.  It’s almost like when someone is in a coma for awhile.  When do you pull the plug?

However, despite all this, Mellie was lucky.  After about two weeks, she returned to her old self.  She can’t really jump as high and she’s not as active and hyper as she was before, but she’s not having seizures, she’s not pooping all over the place, and most importantly, she’s back to her old self.  My Mellie.

Any thoughts?

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