I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bleak and dreaded Mid-Life Crisis.  Legend says, once you hit your mid-forty’s to mid-fifty’s you start thinking about impending death, how half of your life is over, and how it’s all an uphill struggle from here.  Common symptoms include buying a toupee and/or a new car, a psychological sign that you’re either trying to make yourself feel better or you need to make up for the lost time you spent at a dead-end job or raising your high school drop out children.  I could talk all day about this, but I’ve never experienced it, and that’s not why I’m here.  I’m talking about the Quarter-Life Crisis.

Now, the Quarter-Life Crisis is not as well known as it’s notorious brother, the Mid-Life Crisis. In fact, not many people even know it exists.  A lot of lucky people don’t even get to experience it.  They think that they experience the angst-filled teen years and then get to enjoy life until they hit 50.  Well, some unfortunate people like me get to experience the Quarter-Life Crisis first (or maybe as a replacement?).
Ever since I turned 20, I started thinking about how in a mere ten years, I’m going to hit 30.  I started thinking about how short life really is.  I’ve already reached the 25% complete point.  You begin thinking about how to spend the rest of your life.  Are you doing what you want to do?  Have you experienced everything you’ve ever wanted to do?  What if I die tomorrow in some horrific accident?  Will I be happy with my life accomplishments?
Being in your twenties is a fun time, of course, but it’s also the entry-level, now-we-have-a-bunch-of-responsibilities time.  We take chances and make decisions based on our likes and dislikes and most importantly, the opportunities that are offered to us.  We start to wonder what our purpose in life is.  Will we ever be successful?  Being in your twenties now is kind of the worst.  Now, we’re in an era in which getting a Bachelor’s Degree means nothing.  Everyone else has one, so now you have to get a Master’s or invent something to set yourself apart.  It’s nearly impossible to find a job as well as love, since the divorce rate is up to 50% now.  Awesome.
Still, besides all of these sad statistics, this is the time to find ourselves!  Don’t like what you’re doing?  You can change it!  Find a new interest?  Pursue it!  There’s still time to make something your life’s work.  You’re old enough now that you can really start your life, so go ahead!  Study something you’ve always been interested in, travel to foreign lands, help others through service, start a collection, write a book, start your own business, move somewhere completely different from where you grew up, and love someone with all your heart.  Maybe you’re happy with where your life is headed.  If so, master your skills and become an even better person than you are today.  There’s always room for improvement.  If you’re not growing and changing, you’re not living.
Enjoy your life and especially enjoy your twenties.  There’s no time for worrying and hey, now you can go to bars and drink.  Hoorah!

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash